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Birthday Logo Design Contest!

April 6, 2021
Birthday Logo Design Contest!

Calling all artists, and designers! This July, we are excited to celebrate the 20th year birthday-anniversary of when the two partner organizations: Sister Holly and Kitchen Garden Project came together to make baby GRuB! We're looking forward to celebrating this anniversary-birthday in a way that is both fun AND safe

Meanwhile, we'd love your help coming up with a design for the celebration! You can send a .png, .jpg, or mail us a sketch that's on 8.5x11 paper.

The design should commemorate highlights or important personal moments in GRUB's history. They can be from a personal experience of your own, a time in a GRuB program or moment enacting GRuB's mission. Feel free to include funny sayings, monikers or favorite plant or gardening puns, which GRuB loves! Please keep your images, symbols and verbiage family friendly and appropriate for children as well adults.

The winner will receive a GRuB grab bag of goodies,  as well as our featuring their design! Please email designs to! (If you're gonna go the old fashioned route of mailing us the sketch, mail it to 2016 Elliot Ave NW, Olympia Wa, 98502). Have fun, and get creative

*We reserve the right to tweak your design to fit our marketing parameters.

Designs are due by Monday, May 10th.


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