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GRuB Board Transitions

June 2, 2022
GRuB Board Transitions

Lots of GRuBby gratitude to our outgoing board president Anne Hansen, who left the board at the end of 2021.  Anne brought a balanced and grounded leadership style to the board, asking insightful questions, and creating space for the whole person to thrive. She guided us in creating new organizational policies, and in supporting the staff team and board members in their own leadership development.  

We welcome the input and energy of our newest board members!  

  • Megumi Sugihara is an aspiring forest farmer, global food sovereignty advocate, and life-long foodie.  Originally from Tokyo, Megumi has lived, worked, and/or studied in various locations in the US, Germany, and Ethiopia before moving to Olympia in 2017 from San Luis Valley, Colorado, where “best” potatoes, quinoa, and carrots grow. Megumi believes social justice is love manifested on a collective level.

  • Kathy Berndt is a retired Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) with years of experience working with children and adolescents and their parents.  She looks forward to learning about wild foods and medicines, and is attracted to GRuB’s supportive opportunities for people to have valued work producing healthy food.

  •  Kim Huynh has a background in community development, cybersecurity threat intelligence and incident response, and now works at Microsoft within Security Research. She is passionate about advocating for diversity and inclusion in STEAM and believes that access to food is a human right. An alum of our youth programs, she is excited to be a part of the GRuB community again and looks forward to helping GRuB grow.

  • Chris Campbell is a banker by profession, an artist for fun, and creative force in her soul. The west coast has been home her entire life. She has lived in Nevada's high Sierra mountains, San Diego & Santa Cruz and has nested in Olympia since 2001.

  • Angela Jefferson is a current Tumwater Council member, U.S. Army-Retired MAJ, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and an avid gardener.

We are also grateful for the service of Erika Warren and Wendy Churchman who also stepped off the board at the end of last year, and to our new or continuing board officers (Judy Witt-President, Megumi Sugihara-Vice President, Teresa Knotwell-Treasurer, Diane Dakin-Secretary).

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