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Volunteer Resources

GRuB has adopted the Volgistics program for managing volunteers! Click the button above to sign in to your profile and see available shifts.

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Please email volunteer@goodgrub.org with questions, and to learn more about volunteering with GRuB. đź’š


Speakers Bureau*on-going, future

We’re looking for next-level Ambassadors who want to speak for GRuB in the community. This is a great way to help represent GRuB with your deep awareness of our work, help us spread the word on what it means to cultivate community, people, and plants!


Community Outreach & Tabling

We've got all the sign-up sheets and fliers, you just show up and chat with folks who are interested in joining GRuB... plus check out the resources and entertainment at these events yourself. Community events that you’d like to attend and rep GRuB at? Let us know!

Grants Ambassador

Looking for someone who is interested in on-going ambassadorship for tasks such as in-person meetings with grant funders. Priority to GRuB alumni, long term volunteers, gardener alumni.Ambassador training provided. This position could also be handled by the Grants Assistant (see above).

SPONSOR GRuB *on-going

If you are a GRuB volunteer who works at Safeway, you can sponsor GRuB for our grant application! An employee sponsor can work at Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Carrs, or Albertsons. The sponsor would be contacted by the Safeway Foundation to tell them more about GRuB's work before our application is considered. Email amory@goodgrub.org

if you’re interested in sponsoring :)

What are the Roots, Shoots, and Fruits workshops?

Roots, Shoots & Fruits (RSF) workshops are a cohort-based series of four classes that are offered to current GRuB program participants, volunteers and program alumni. These workshops offer a way to better understand what it means to work with a multicultural organization such as GRuB. If you have ever been curious about 'the magic' of GRuB, these are the ideal trainings for you. These experiential classes offer practical interpersonal tools and common language to engage in social change. Past participants have reported that their experiences assisted them to build stronger relationships and teams, both at GRuB and in their broader community networks.

RSF workshops begin with the prerequisite Roots Training as a foundation for the series. Subsequent Shoots and Fruit workshops build upon that context to expand proficiency and support within the cohort. Participation in the RSF series requires a commitment to attend all Roots and Shoots level classes. Fruits level participation is optional. Participation in the series is complimentary but pre-registration is required. Typically workshops are scheduled from 10a-4p on a Saturday and GRuB provides a nourishing lunch for participants. Babes-in-arms are welcome and childcare for older children will soon be available for the classes.

Roots:  This is an all-day workshop is an introduction to GRuB's multicultural communication tools. We'll cover topics such as methods for intentional engagement, honoring differences as well as such as affirmations and active listening.

Shoots 1: This workshop begins with Community Build, an interactive game for learning the structure of a typical community. The afternoon includes learning and discussion of social justice, oppression and ways to grow inclusive community.

Shoots 2: This workshop builds on the work of the first two trainings and offers participants the tools of Cultural Humility, discussion of privilege/marginalization and mindfulness activities for personal growth. The workshop also deepens participants’ experience with Active Listening with a closing Council.

Fruits Facilitation Training: This train-the-trainer style workshop is for participants who wish to become co-facilitators in the Roots and Shoots workshops. Participants will learn strategies to engage and encourage meaningful participation of a group and its collective wisdom. Tools include Circles, Check-in, and Guidelines for participation, creating safe space, and holding Council.

With the Fruits level training, participants receive ongoing support and coaching to grow their own facilitation skills. Supported co-facilitation opportunities at further Roots and Shoots workshops are made available.


Upcoming 2018 Roots, Shoots & Fruits (RSF) Dates:

  • Saturday Jan. 27 Shoots 1 Training from 10a-4p
  • Saturday Mar. 10 Fruits Facilitators Teacher Training (10a-5p tent.)
  • Saturday Mar. 24 Shoots 2 Training from 10a-4p
  • Saturday Apr. 28 Roots Training from 10a-4p

Additional CCL Activities:

  • Friday Nov. 17: Fall Community & Volunteer Appreciation from 4p-7:30p
  • Saturday Feb. 24: Community & Volunteer Meeting (open to GRuB community & the public) from 10a-2p

More Community Resources to Grow Your Multicultural Skills and Awareness

  • 3rd Thursday Film Series, Standing Up to Racism, shows  'The Butler' on Th 11/16. Hosted by the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation (OUUC) & the Black Alliance of Thurston County. Click here for more info: http://ouuc.org/event/race-film-series/all/

Olympia Library Presentation by Sociologist Teresa Ciabattari. "White Privilege: The Other Side of Racial Inequality" on Nov. 16, 2017 at 7:30p. Sponsored by Humanities Washington and the Friends of the Olympia Timberland Library. http://www.trl.org

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities and for more information, please contact the GRuB Volunteer Program Coordinator at volunteer@goodgrub.org OR 306-753-5522

Be a guest chef with the GRuB School Food Team!

Every Monday, a small group of students from the youth program get paid a stipend to cook a meal and snacks for the week. Guest chefs support the students by preparing recipes, shopping for ingredients, and offering tips and tricks in the kitchen. Opportunity available throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Event cook and kitchen team!

Help prepare a meal for a GRuB event.

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