Wild Foods & Medicines

Learn about wild plants and connect with the land.

Wild edible foods and healing herbs thrive all around us in yards, forests, fields, and back alleys.

Free and accessible, many of our common “weeds” are nutritionally superior to store-bought foods. Learning about wild plants also helps us to attune to the seasons and connects us with the land. GRuB offers educational resources, community classes, and teacher trainings to help people safely and sustainably harvest and prepare wild foods and medicines.

Begin Identifying Plants and Expand Your Resources

We have designed a number of free downloadable/printable resources and plant guides to share our knowledge, including an overview of our favorite books, websites and courses in Western Washington.

Connecting Youth with Foods, Place & Culture

Tend, Gather and Grow is a curriculum dedicated to educating people about wild plants, local landscapes, and the rich cultural traditions that surround them. It is intended for K-12 teachers and community educators with a focus on serving Northwest Native and regional youth. Through discovering the wonders of plant life, youth build skills in food security, health, social/emotional intelligence, and land stewardship.

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