Support for Educators

Like a bee carrying pollen, GRuB is bringing innovative tools to educators, schools, and community organizations that are excited to engage in community-based learning. We playfully call this part of our work "Pollination". 

In addition to our direct mission delivery, GRuB has a successful history of sharing our model and best practices with organizations and institutions throughout the U.S. and beyond through manuals, program institutes, and mentor partnerships. To learn about similar youth programs in our region, visit the peer program page.

Resources & Support For Educators

GRuB Ongoing Workshops

We know that teachers & leaders have busy lives, and we are now offering a series of one-day workshops on subjects ranging from youth engagement to facilitation. Check out our events page to see what workshops are coming up soon.

Note: For Oregon based groups, financial support to attend is available through OFSSGN. Contact Melina Barker for more information:

The GRuB Institute

Educators that want to bring more personal and community development to their work. People seeking to deepen the impact on youth in farm & outdoor-based education. People wanting to learn a successful model of youth engagement to use in their school or organization. People exploring strategies for future school district partnerships.

What people are saying about GRuB Institute:

“The GRuB Institute provided me with ways to form deeper connections with our youth and our staff. Seeing what GRuB does to build community and open communication taught me a new way to connect at work. If I were to describe this experience I would say it was thoughtful and intentional, it gave us tools to lift people up, move people forward, and help grow whole people who feel empowered.”  -2022 Institute Attendee
“Calming yet invigorating way to begin my school year and how I would like to approach building my classroom community. Most meaningful was seeing/learning so many ways to make our interactions positive & meaningful w/ people we come in contact with.” -2022 Institute Attendee

GRuB Cultivating Youth Manual

The GRuB Manual is a detailed guide to GRuB’s youth employment and education programming. This 200+ page curriculum manual provides a description of the program and curricular structure, the planning and administration required to run it, as well as detailed calendars, workshops, lessons, and forms. 

To learn more about that and to purchase your copy go to the product page.

Technical Assistance for Your Program

Are you interested in getting technical assistance in starting up GRuB-like programming? Or improving existing programming? GRuB’s co-founder and former Executive Director is available as a contractor to support schools, educators, and organizations in creating place-based, leadership development experiences for youth. Kim Gaffi (she/her) has worked in youth development, community development, and environmental/agricultural education for 25+ years. She is also a current member of the Tend, Gather and Grow curriculum development team. Start a conversation with Kim at

Professional Development

  • Community-building, team-building philosophy and practice
  • Positive communication and accountability strategies
  • Group facilitation

Technical Assistance

  • School partnerships
  • Program design (general education, CTE, SEL)
  • Funding strategies
  • Curriculum development

Reflections on GRuB’s Technical Assistance Services:

"Almost immediately it became clear to me that while small scale agriculture is the vehicle for changing and empowering the lives of youth in GRuB, the deeper teachings of socio-emotional competency and understanding the self and our relationship to our communities is really the hidden gem within GRuB." –Sean
"Technical Assistance from GRuB has been invaluable for Cultivating Roots.  The practical garden resources and youth development training played a large part in the success of our summer youth program.  Since we are county health educators and not experienced or trained farmers, having trustworthy mentors available has enabled us to trouble shoot roadblocks in real time.  GRuB staff lives and breathes youth and community engagement through gardening and their passion is infectious." -Kristina

Contact Us for More Information

To find out more about our services, or with other questions, please call GRuB at 360-753-5522 or e-mail