Youth Programs at GRuB

Youth Development:
Farming Self, Land & Community

GRuB engages teens/young adults on the GRuB Farm and through community service to help break cycles of hunger, poverty, inequality & oppression. Since 1999, nearly 600 teens/young adults in our community have had the pleasure of participating in GRuB's youth empowerment programs (Cultivating Youth, GRuB School, and GroundED).

Our proven curriculum centers on GRuB’s core themes of Farming Self, Farming Land, & Farming Community, designed to help youth develop leadership skills, academic and professional success, and to improve personal resilience. To spread the love, we also help organizations in other communities, our “Pollinated Partners,” create their own GRuB-like youth development programs through consultation & technical assistance.

Visit the GRuB Farm!

Expose your class or group of youngsters to food system education and to foster a love for plants, animals & nature through GRuB field trips.  Groups go on a discovery-based tour where they observe the plants, chickens, pollinators, and earth at our productive 2-acre urban farm in west Olympia.

We encourage youth to use all five of their senses to make observations about how we grow the food that sustains us! Explore our Farm Field Trip options or work with to schedule your trip for your class or group from April-October.

Connecting Youth with Plants, Place & Culture

Tend, Gather & Grow is a project dedicated to educating youth about wild edible & medicinal plants and the rich cultural traditions that surround them. This project aims to build food security, promote health, and facilitate connections with the land.

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