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Northwest Tree Communities: Deciduous Trees

In this workshop we will investigate three common deciduous trees that contribute to the health and diversity of Northwest landscapes, especially in wetlands and riparian zones.

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Wild Food Traditions: Wild Spring Greens

Embrace the gifts of spring! Tasty edible greens including nettles, dandelion, chickweed, wild lettuces, salmonberry sprouts, violets, and big leaf maple blossoms.

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Herbal Apothecary 1: Teas, Infused Honeys, Vinegars & Shrubs

In this workshop you will build a foundation in medicine making skills including identifying and harvesting several local plants, processing, blending and preparing tea, and infusing herbs in honey and vinegar.

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Cultural Ecosystems: Camas Prairies, Food Forests, Wetlands

Learn about five ecosystems that Pacific Northwest regional tribes have cultivated since time immemorial including camas prairies, food forests, saltwater beaches, wetlands, and mountain huckleberry meadows

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Herbal Apothecary 2: Topical Remedies for First Aid

In this hands-on workshop you will learn to identify, harvest, process, and prepare many local plants that are useful for healing skin and relieving pain and inflammation.

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Wild Food Traditions: Native Berries

Learn to identify, harvest and prepare eight native berries.

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