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Fall Community Appreciation Event

Come by the farm to enjoy tasty snacks, fun seasonal activities, and more!

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Fall Sustaining Circle

GRuB’s Sustaining Circle includes our closest supporters, the people who contribute consistently across the years to ensure that GRuB has the resources, advice, and direction to best serve our community and respond to emerging needs.

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Tend Teacher Training - Northwest Tree Communities

In this interactive 2-day workshop, you will gain skills in plant identification and explore food, medicine, traditional technologies, and social-emotional teachings related to trees.

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Tend Teacher Training - Wild Food Traditions: Spring Greens and Wild Berries

Embrace the gifts of spring and summer! Taste edible greens including nettles, dandelion, chickweed, wild lettuces, salmonberry sprouts, violets, and big leaf maple blossoms.

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Tend Teacher Training - Cultural Ecosystems: Camas Prairies and Food Forests

Learn about five ecosystems that Pacific Northwest regional tribes have cultivated since time immemorial including camas prairies, food forests, saltwater beaches, wetlands, and mountainhuckleberry meadows.

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