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Teacher Training - Tree Communities: Alder, Cottonwood, & Willow Medicine

Trees are models of adaptability, resourcefulness and collaboration. They live in one place their entire lives, building the structures and relationships they need to thrive. In this workshop we will investigate three common trees that contribute to the health and diversity of Northwest landscapes, especially in wetlands and riparian zones. We will make pain-relieving medicine from bark and buds, create rooting water for stimulating plant starts, and build a small structure from willow.

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Teacher Training - Wild Food Traditions: Spring Greens

Embrace the gifts of spring! Edible greens including nettles, dandelion, chickweed, wild lettuces, salmonberry sprouts, violets, and big leaf maple blossoms are common in gardens, local fields, and forests. Workshop participants will receive a curriculum that includes plant identification skills, sustainable harvesting techniques, nutritional values, medicinal uses, preservation methods and recipes.

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Teacher Training - Herbal Apothecary I: Teas, Infused Honeys, Vinegars, & Shrubs

Make plant medicine with youth! Each participant will take home a printed curriculum and samples of medicines. Lessons can be adapted for kindergarteners through adults.

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Teacher Training - Camas Prairies & Cultural Ecosystems

Learn about five ecosystems that Native Americans have cultivated since time immemorial including camas prairies, food forests, saltwater beaches, wetlands and mountain huckleberry meadows. Participants will receive lessons from the Tend Gather and Grow curriculum including the cultural ecosystems overview and field trip guide. Lessons fit best with grades 6-12 learning levels but can be adapted for younger children & adults.

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GRuB Institute!

This 3-day training is a relationship-rich, hands-on experience offering powerful youth engagement tools, established program design, strategies for strong partnerships, and a manual detailing GRuB’s Employment Program and GRuB School models.

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Teacher Training - Herbal Apothecary II: Topical Remedies for First Aid

In this hands-on workshop educators will learn to identify, harvest, process and prepare many local plants that are useful for healing skin and relieving pain and inflammation. We will create a mini-first aid kit with salves, topical spray, and herbal powders. Educators will receive a curriculum and tips on incorporating plant knowledge and medicine making into their own teaching environment.

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Teacher Training- Wild Food Traditions: Native Berries

Summer is berry picking season! In this experiential workshop, teashers will learn to identify, harvest, and prepare eight types of native berries. We will also go through berry lessons for different aged students.

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Tend, Gather, & Grow Teacher Institute

SAVE THE DATE! More details coming soon for this 2-day institute...

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Teacher Training - Wild Food Traditions: Native Infusions & Power Snacks

Wild nutrition foods and medicinal tea plants thrive around us in forests, fields, and even backyards. In this workshop, participants will gain skills to teach lessons on native food principles and will make and sample delicious teas and snacks.

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