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Shoots 1 Multicultural Training

Join us for Shoots 1 multicultural training! GRuB’s Shoots 1 training is the next step in GRuB’s multicultural and communication training series, Roots, Shoots and Fruits (RSF). Roots 1 and 2 are prerequisites to attend this training.

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Tend Teacher Training: Cultural Ecosystems

Learn about five ecosystems that Pacific Northwest regional tribes have cultivated since time immemorial including camas prairies, food forests, saltwater beaches, wetlands, & mountain huckleberry meadows.

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Tend Teacher Training: Herbal Apothecary

Build a foundation in medicine-making skills including identifying and harvesting local plants, processing, preparing tea, and infusing herbs in honey and vinegar.

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Tend Teacher Training: Summer Adult Camp

During these fun-filled, four days, we will immerse ourselves in the magic of Northwest plants including harvesting wild foods, cooking, making medicine, playing games, and waking up our inner artist and storyteller.

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Tend Teacher Training: Plant Technologies

Participants will gain skills on how to teach basic cordage and mat-making techniques, as well as use alder and Oregon grape to make dye, and will walk away with a curriculum and a teaching kit.

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Tend Teacher Training: Tree Communities

We will investigate common native trees that contribute to the health and diversity of Northwest landscapes. Participants will gain skills in tree identification and explore their uses for food, medicine, and traditional technologies.

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