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Cultivating Community: 
Learn, Lead & Thrive

Dig into Leadership

To help people become community leaders, GRuB offers trainings & mentorship opportunities around food justice. Participants learn  practices & communication tools that enable people to connect across their difference in meaningful & empowering ways so they can take multicultural communication skills out into the community.

Food justice is GRuB’s vehicle for deep community work with a variety of people, from youth who’ve had to grow up fast to veterans struggling with disabilities to families living in the “war-zone of poverty” as well as a wide variety of volunteers, donors & partners. Food truly can help us reach our full potential as a community.

GRuB Pollination Work: Supporting Innovation in Education

GRuB’s powerful youth & community development programs have directly benefitted folks in Thurston County for years. Now, we  provide coaching & training, what we call “pollination", to support communities that wish to develop their own GRuB-like programs.

Our goal? To teach our youth program models to others, sharing our strengths & the lessons we’ve learned. We believe we can all grow together to build just and sustainable food systems everywhere, so all people can contribute to and reap the benefits of good, fair food.

Become a “Pollinated” Partner

Sowing the Seeds of Victory: Veterans in the Garden

GRuB empowers individuals and families with limited incomes to grow their own food by building free backyard gardens. We recently expanded this work, which we’ve been doing  throughout the South Sound since 1993,  by engaging veterans as partners, builders & farmers. If you need a garden, want to deepen your  roots in our community, or are looking  to connect with people who have diverse life experiences, the Victory Garden Project has a place for you.

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Volunteer with GRuB

GRuB's good work starts with community members like you! We welcome volunteer support from individuals, service clubs & business-sponsored service days. There are lots of ways to contribute to GRuB’s mission as a volunteer, from one-time drop-in work on the farm to ongoing capacity-building projects like data entry or landscaping support. Come discover how your gifts of time & talent can help GRuB continue to grow!

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