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We empower veterans, active duty service members and their families to establish strong roots in their community.

The Victory Farmers offer opportunities for veterans to transform their mission to one that cultivates life, while nourishing our families, our peers, and those in need.

We empower veterans, active duty service members and their families to establish strong roots in community through continued service, peer-to-peer support, and a deeper connection with the natural world.

Together, we are welcoming veterans home, growing good food and building community.

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About the GRuB Victory Farm

Victory Farm is a safe, non-confrontational environment where veterans work shoulder to shoulder, immersed in the healing nature of the outdoors, agriculture and dirt work. In this environment, we find new meaning and purpose. Stories are shared, new connections are made and roots in community take shape.

We offer hands-on opportunities for veterans to develop their skills in sustainable small-scale urban agriculture and food production. Learning opportunities include (and are not limited to): irrigation, vegetable propagation and cultivation, soil health, harvest techniques, and small market management. This includes managing a market stand & CSA.

We are proud to be a pay-what-you-can site and partner with a number of organizations who use our fresh produce to feed food insecure people in our area.

Victory Farm is a veteran-led project. We invite all interested community members to volunteer or stop by during our open hours to lend a hand.

Building Community Between Veterans and the Community at Large

Community takes on various forms for Victory Farmers. It is built on the concept that our work is an invitation to participate, learn, teach and help bridge the divide between veterans and the community at large.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Community at Victory begins with an introduction, a conversation and active listening. Healthy relationships and human connectivity are our number one priority. Each participant, from veteran to neighbor makes up one part of our community. 

Community Service

Victory Farmers are an integral part of the Kitchen Garden Project, building gardens with low-income people and families in Thurston County, Washington.  From 2014-2015 veterans built more than 100 gardens in the community. These gardens are providing people with opportunities to increase their health and self-sufficiency by growing good food right in their own backyards.

Victory farmers grow more than 2000 pounds of food each year for distribution to food insecure individuals and families through the Thurston County Food Bank and Crazy Faith Outreach.

Cultivating Community & Leaders

Victory Farmers are trained in conflict mediation, facilitation, collaborative & multicultural communication, council practice, and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

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