Cultivating Community & Leaders

Cultivating Community Leaders (CCL) takes the best of our youth programs and translates them into cohort-based trainings and activities for adult stakeholders. We apply principles of popular education to nurture leadership and multicultural relationship skills.

Our program  goal is to grow community awareness, access to resources, and skills that help people advocate for themselves and for more just systems.  

We prioritize low-income and otherwise marginalized community members in our programs to empower them to become leaders in our community. To help everyone participate, we  offer child care and transportation assistance and work to reduce other barriers. Our goal is to give adults a clear, accessible path to become community organizational leaders. Each year, we train a minimum of  two cohorts in our workshop series and 250+ volunteers across our programs.

Contact our Cultivation Manager, Kerensa Mabwa, at or 360-753-5522 to find out more about our upcoming trainings.

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