Growing Home Collective

Growing Home Collective

GRuB’s Growing Home Collective uplifts the leadership and voices of Black people, many of whom are still experiencing the impacts of the legacy of American oppression and slavery. Our goal is to amplify sacred space for black people to rest, relax, and build resilient community together.

Our collective is open to Black and ADOS individuals of all ages to experience wellness, culture, and ancestral wisdom in the kitchen and on the land. African or Black immigrants, members of the Black Diaspora and Black people who are of mixed racial/ethnic backgrounds are welcome. 

Our collective is REcalling and REvering Black community knowledge around food and its interconnected cultural traditions. We are REclaiming our brilliance, genius and the truth that our hearts, bodies, hands and minds have shaped this country… they are this country… this is not history, it is Ourstory.

Are you interested in getting involved in GRuB’s Growing Home Collective?

Join us! We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for cultural connection and dinner from 6-9 p.m. at GRuB. We are multigenerational and welcome Elders, youth, families and children! Click here to see our events and sign up to participate. Also stay in touch with us via our Growing Home Collective gatherings on the GRuB calendar or email for more information.

Why is the Growing Home Collective Needed?

With Thurston County being a predominantly white community, there's a need for more programs and opportunities that reflect the needs, history, knowledge, and lived experience of Black community members.

The Growing Home Collective does the following:

  • Hosts engagement events that provide activities and land access with shared meals, food connection, and learning where the Black community experience is the focus.
  • Creates educational resources reflecting Black food, land, and place-based history.
  • Supports Black youth and adults to re-educate, reclaim and re-center land as a place of healing.
  • Highlights Black cultural resilience, creativity, and earth wisdom through land, food, and building community.
  • Provides a sacred affinity (caucus) space for Black people to center and normalize their experience.

In 2022 the Collective hosted:

  • The second annual Juneteenth event, open to people of any background had 31 attendees. 22 attendees were of Black, Indigenous and/or communities of color.
  • Four monthly meetings from Sept. to Dec. with 10 members.
  • Three affinity events with shared meals, including one film showing and food stories.
  • Ten members of GRuB’s Growing Home Collective traveled to Portland, OR to see the Brooklyn based chef team, Ghetto Gastro present their new book Black Power Kitchen.

Growing Home Collective is GRuB’s programming by and for the Black community.

As GRuB aims to reduce barriers for Black people to access our programs, resources, and leadership opportunities. Arising out of a series of listening sessions with Black community members in 2021, a group of GRuB’s Black community members began to develop culturally specific programming through a caucused-based, Black advisory work group approach.

This group includes Black members and alumni of GRuB's Youth Program, Gardening and Veteran Programs, as well as Black volunteers and community members interested in connecting to GRuB's mission in the Black community.

Stay in touch with us by going to our Upcoming Events webpage to see the Growing Home Collective gatherings on the GRuB calendar or email for more information.

These services were developed in partnership with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and made possible with the generous funding from Inspire Olympia.

Donate to GRuB’s Growing Home Collective! 

Your donation will support GRuB in providing staffing, coordination, facility use, technology resources and member honorariums for work group members’ participation. Your support uplifts opportunities for their access to healthy food, community building and healing relationship with land. 

GRuB’s mission is to support healthy food, people, and community through providing skills, leadership and connection to the land. Our organization has historically worked with disengaged youth, food insecure families, veterans, and elders. We are committed to deepen equity as reflected in GRuB’s current strategic plan priorities. Yet we acknowledge that as an organization, we have work to do to create a space beyond inclusion. GRuB’s Growing Home Collective works helps to uplift the leadership of Black people, who are experiencing impacts of the legacy of American oppression and enslavement. 

Donate to support grow spaces & resources for the Black communities’ resilience & self-determination.