Tend, Gather & Grow

A place-based curriculum about plants, local landscapes, and the rich cultural traditions that surround them.

Tend, Gather and Grow (Tend) is a K-12 curriculum that focuses on native and naturalized plants of the Pacific Northwest region. Through hands-on activities, students explore themes in cultural ecosystems, herbal medicine, plant technologies, tree communities, and wild food traditions. Northwest Native American plant knowledge and stories are woven throughout the curriculum. The 60+ lessons align with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education principles and Next Generation Science Standards.

The Tend curriculum was designed by a team of Native and non-native educators and is intended for use by Native and non-Native educators and their students. Tend has been reviewed for accuracy, ethical harvesting practices, and culturally appropriate content. We would like to thank the Elders and teachers who have shared knowledge and stories. We also thank the plants for their generosity, medicine, and teachings. 

You can access selected lessons on this website. To access the full curriculum, visit the Native Plants and Foods Curriculum Portal.

In order to protect the plants and Native American cultural knowledge and stories featured in the curriculum, we ask that anyone using the materials read the Tend Teacher Guide, watch the Honoring Plants, Places and Cultural Traditions video, and take a multiple-choice quiz on the portal. Consider the plant information and stories featured in the curriculum as gifts and the quiz as an opportunity to reflect on the generosity, intentionality, and purpose with which it is shared—a means of honoring the work. You can also learn about plants in the curriculum on the interactive Cedar Box Experience website

Teacher Trainings & Technical Assistance

We highly recommend that you experience this curriculum hands-on in order to build cultural context and confidence in teaching. GRuB was home to the Tend team in 2016 to 2024.

The team has now transitioned to the Native Plants and Foods Institute, which offers teacher trainings, consultation, and curriculum adaptation. Contact elise@tahomapeak.com for more information.

GRuB is hosting Tend teacher trainings. Check our calendar for more information. 

Tend, Gather, and Grow Documents:

Visit Wild Foods &Medicines

Access Tend curriculum, designed by a team of Native and non-native educators, at wild.goodgrub.org.