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About this position

The Executive Director (E.D.) will report to an engaged Board of Directors and will be supported by a passionate team of community educators and organizers. The chosen candidate will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the staff, program, partnerships, fundraising and fulfillment of the organization’s mission through each program area. The E.D. is the chief executive and decision maker for GRuB and is responsible for implementing the shared vision with our passionate, dedicated staff team.

Candidates should have five years of experience as a senior leader in a nonprofit or public organization and professional experience with strategic planning, fund development, financial management, systems thinking, organizational development, anti-oppression work, personnel management, and reporting to a Board of Directors. Equivalent experiences and transferable skills will be considered. Candidates should also have strong communication skills including written, oral, and interpersonal.

The ideal candidate

—Has firm roots in a leadership framework based on social justice.

—Models cultural humility, effective facilitation, & conversational leadership for the staff team & community.

—Is a systems thinker who demonstrates initiative and creativity in responding to opportunities & challenges.

—Encourages collaboration, clear communication, and leadership at every level among staff and stakeholders.

—Approaches organizational development and social change with curiosity, experience, and innovation.

—Enjoys the spectrum of fund development from grassroots to grants to the cultivation of major donors.

—Is excited by the challenge of implementing alternative organizational structures.

—Has additional experience in any of the following: non-traditional organizational structure, change management, veteran services, youth development, food systems, food sovereignty, tribal government, community development, and/or public health.

—Has a great sense of humor and a love of good food!

The E.D. position is full time, salaried, and exempt. GRuB provides health insurance (medical, dental, and vision), paid leave, and an annual salary up to $68,000.

The priority deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, October 22, 2018 at 9AM (Pacific time zone). Please download the application for the full position description and more details about how to apply.

Fall Alumni Farm Assistant

Youth Position

About this position

The Fall Alum Farm Assistants (FA) are important positions on the GRuB Farm Team. You’ve already become masters of the GRuB culture, now it’s your opportunity to spread the love, passion, knowledge and excitement you’ve stacked up to this point. While being great ambassadors and mentors for volunteers, you’ll build on your expertise of running the farm during important months of harvesting, marketing (CSA), and maintenance. Your duties may include market stand support, harvests, general farm chores and field work, leading volunteers, special projects and clean up for the season. You’ll become an integral part of the farm staff and you’ll be heavily relied upon to keep things running smoothly throughout the fall through training and mentoring by the Farm Manager. These positions are full of responsibility and rigor!!! GRuB is also hiring inschool youth for stipended after school positions.

Schedule: Tuesdays (9am-4pm), Wednesdays (noon-7pm), Thursdays (9am-4pm); 19.5 hours a week. 

Position starts Tuesday, September 11th and ends Thursday, November 1st . 


-Alumni of GRuB/GRuB-like programs age 16 - 24 

-Currently not attending high school or college 

-Demonstrated excellent professionalism through their time at GRuB/FRESH/Freedom Farmers – excellent attendance (85% and up), excellent punctuality (85% and up), strong work ethic, strong engagement in all learning activities with attention to the community contract 

-Demonstrated solid ambassadorship through their time at GRuB/FRESH/Freedom Farmers 

-Able to work both independently and with groups (as a leader)

Compensation: You will earn minimum wage: $11.50/hour, up to $2,000. These positions are offered in collaboration with ResCare, a job-training organization and will include additional support. 


To apply, submit a cover letter to Heather by 5pm on Friday, August 24, 2018. 

To submit your application: 1) drop it off in person at GRuB Farmhouse – 2016 Elliott Ave NW, or 2) email Heather at 

Please address the following in your letter:  a) Why do you want this position? b) What skills and experiences will you bring to this position? c) What do you hope to learn from this experience? d) What challenges do you face heading into this position? What support do you need to succeed? e) Are you available to work the entire fall for the proposed schedule? f) Any other relevant information? g) Please list names and contact information for 2 solid character/employment references.

No positions available at this time. Check back soon!
No positions available at this time. Check back soon!
No positions available at this time. Check back soon!

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