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The Complete Wild Foods and Medicines Resource Guide

A brief review of our favorite books, websites, courses, and groups for Western Washington.

Tend, Gather, and Grow Curriculum Materials

Tend, Gather, and Grow Teacher Guide

Tend, Gather and Grow is a curriculum dedicated to educating people about wild plants, local landscapes, and the rich cultural traditions that surround them.


Cleavers are a seasoned traveler. As medicine, cleaver's assist our bodies internal movements by cooling inflammation and clearing obstacles.


In springtime dandelion's sunny flowering faces appear all at once. Dandelion is both a nutritious food and a powerful medicine.


Salmonberry is an indicator of spring. Bright pink flowers add a first splash of color to the forest after winter.


The river is cloaked in a thicket of willow. Protective branches reach out over the water, providing shade and shelter to birds, mammals, and fish.


Yarrow is a medicine chest in itself. If you know how to use this one plant, you can help ease many health complaints.

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