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Welcome to the Wild Foods and Medicines Free Resource Page

We hope this information supports you in building meaningful relationships with plants, local places, and community. We will be launching a curriculum portal with the entire Tend curriculum in Spring of 2022. Please check back for updates see our upcoming teacher trainings on our Events page.

Tend Gather & Grow Curriculum

Tend, Gather and Grow is a K-12 curriculum that focuses on native and naturalized plants of the Pacific Northwest region. Through hands-on activities, students explore themes in wild food traditions, herbal medicine, plant technologies, cultural ecosystems, and tree communities. Northwest Native American plant knowledge and stories are woven throughout the curriculum. Please watch our training video before accessing materials! Find resources here.

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Plant Teachings

Plant Teachings for Growing Social-Emotional Skills is a toolkit on how plants can lead us in being healthy and resilient. It includes a book, plant teaching cards, movement videos, and activities, and is especially useful for mental health workers, educators, and community members who are exploring behavioral health skills that are rooted in the land and Coast Salish culture. Please watch our training video before accessing materials! Find resources here.

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Additional Resources

Wild Food & Herbal Medicine Resources

A brief review of our favorite books, websites, courses, and groups for Western Washington.

Immune and Respiratory Herbs

A resource for tribal communities during COVID-19.

Youth Connection Toolkit

In our work with youth and with the broader community, we have found that the way that we do something—the process—is just as important as what we’re doing—the content. This document covers some of the core facilitation techniques that we use, as well as why we use them.

Wild Foods & Medicines

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