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Wild Food Traditions: Native Infusions and Power Snacks

GRuB Farmhouse

Tuesday Oct. 18th 2022 / 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Wild Food Traditions: Native Infusions and Power Snacks

Wild nutritious foods and medicinal tea plants thrive around us in forests, fields, and even backyards. In this workshop, educators learn to teach two lessons. The first lesson explores native food principles including eating whole, wild, seasonal, and sustainably harvested foods. Games compare nutrition content of wild foods with refined foods. The second lesson is based on the Native Infusion: Rethink Your Drink curriculum with common tea plants including dandelion, hawthorn, huckleberry, nettle, and rose. Stories, games, recipes, and teaching techniques encourage healthy eating, physical fitness, and connection to culture and the land. Participants will make and sample tasty snacks and teas.

Sliding Scale: $100, $125 / Register by October 13th

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