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November 9, 2023

A Deeper Look at our Winter Newsletter Artists

A Deeper Look at our Winter Newsletter Artists

In these Winter Months, we are grateful for Artists, who light up the world with their creativity and beautiful work. Here's a deeper dive into the artists we featured in our Winter Newsletter.

Mariana Harvey, Musician, Yakama Nation

I found my way into singing in college in a Native American choir class that my partner, Itsa Shash taught. Each week, Native students gathered to share and learn from each other songs we all carry from our communities. For me singing is my medicine and a daily practice. Over the years, I have caught (composed) a few songs, one that is widely shared is the Indigenous Peoples Day song. It's a celebration song for Native people.

Indigenous Peoples Day Song

Water is Life Song with Indigenous Languages

Al Gilliom, Musician

My vulnerable, heartfelt music invites listeners on a co-created journey. My passion is to facilitate meaningful connection to others through my music.  My most recent album, The Light In Dark Spaces, weaves threads of hope through the past 2 years of my life. I find musical inspiration from a variety of musical artists that span a variety of genres and time periods. I've volunteered with GRuB the past 3 years helping build gardens, facilitate ROOTS trainings and provide administrative/office support.

Throwback to my younger years: beginning life at just 1lb 11oz, the doctors played classical music in my isolette. Born into a world bursting with classical music, the spark never left.  I would sit mesmerized as I watched my grandmother’s hands dance across the piano keys.  The piano awakened something inside of me — this language allows me to take my life experiences and translate them into a universal medium - sound. In the face of adversity, music brings hope into my life.  Through teaching and sharing my compositions,  I continually discover the ability to ignite this feeling in others. 2 years ago, I released an improvisatory solo piano album, 'A Place Of Peace'. As I’ve grown and changed as a person and a musician, and the stories that have burst forth from my fingers into original compositions unlike any I’ve recorded before. I’m excited to offer a deeper, vulnerable glimpse into my world on my new album, ‘The  Light In Dark Spaces’. Introverted to the core, I’m the definition of a wallflower.  (Well, let’s be honest. You won’t find me at a party.  I’d rather be at home practicing the piano or drinking a cup of tea (or homemade hard cider).) In addition to making music, I enjoy tending to my small homestead farm (with goats and chickens), cooking delicious meals, trying not to kill my houseplants, and reading paperback books.

You can check out Al's work over here.

Or Find Him on Bandcamp!

Fran Potasnik, Artist

I have been dabbling in the arts since I was a little girl, cutting, pasting, sewing, name it! My hands were always busy collecting things and making “stuff.” As I grew older, I found that I liked working with children, so I became an art teacher. I love color and patterns, and I’m also eco-conscious. This led me to use the colors and patterns that can be found on recycled aluminum cans to create my work. Supporting my community is also high on my priority list! I volunteered for many years at the Thurston County Food Bank, which is adorned with a vibrant mosaic on their outside doors. I designed and created this mosaic with donated and found objects. My daughter Rebeca’s dedicated work with GRuB became the inspiration for creating and selling my up-cycled art to support the youth of my community. My work can be viewed on Instagram @franpotasnik. Commissions are always welcome. All proceeds benefit the wonderful programs at GRuB!

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