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November 9, 2023

Cal and the Chicken Coop

Cal and the Chicken Coop

Cal and the Chicken Coop

We’re delighted with all of the handcrafted and homegrown items in this year’s Harvest Soirée! There are many special stories behind the donors and their relationship to GRuB. 

We are pleased to feature Cal and the coop he built at GRuB this summer, and we encourage you to explore our auction catalog to learn more about our other donors, and the creativity, ingenuity, and love which they bring to GRuB and our programs.

The coop!

About the Coop

This coop was custom-designed by GRuB super-volunteer Calvin Brooks. Cal researched designs on the internet, picked the best of the best, and put them all together. The chicken coop has two wheels on the front, two wheels on the back, and casters in the middle to make moving it easy for one person. It has a four-inch PVC water chute leading to a spill-proof water dish, and a similar chute to fill the food bowl. A cabinet at the back of the coop can store chicken feed, and makes feeding the chickens a breeze!

The coop has two cozy roosts in the back, and dual spaces--both covered and open. There is no bottom on the coop--just move it from location to location and let the chickens fertilize your yard with their droppings!

Curious how it would fit in your yard?  The coop measures 4’ wide and 12’ long. The main run is 3’ high, and the peak of the roof at the back is 6’ high.


About Cal 

Cal first heard about GRuB in March of 2017, from a Facebook post asking for volunteers. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and after one terrible chemotherapy treatment, he had resigned himself to a prognosis of 6 months to live. Cal figured he would like to spend his final six months being useful, so he contacted GRuB.

Cal had a background in residential house remodeling (among other things) and his first volunteer job at GRuB was to build cabinets in the upstairs office. Since then, he has helped with the kitchen remodel, built the tiny library honoring GRuB co-founder Kim Gaffi, mentored youth in our programs, and performed countless fixes on the property.

Prior to the pandemic, Cal would regularly come to GRuB just to visit with all the staff and volunteers. Cal and Rebeca still enjoy lunch together at the picnic tables on most Thursdays.

Ultimately, Cal did complete chemotherapy and radiation, and he is now cancer-free. While the medical treatment certainly helped, Cal attributes his health to the sense of purpose he has found at GRuB. We are so grateful Cal has found a place at the GRuB table!

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