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Growing Leaders: Meet Al!

November 7, 2019
Growing Leaders: Meet Al!

GRuB is grateful to have volunteers like Al Gilliom! Al began his GRuB journey helping us build backyard gardens through the Victory Garden Project. After getting an initial taste of GRuB, he decided to attend our multicultural communication workshop series Roots, Shoot & Fruits. Since then, he's grown in his leadership to become one of the workshop facilitators.

When he isn't volunteering with GRuB or milking goats at his homestead, Al can be found composing piano music. This past fall, Al donated a private piano concert as a silent auction item for our fundraising gala, the Harvest Soirée.

Al has a huge heart and is continually looking for ways to share his gifts with our community.

What about GRuB resonates so deeply with Al? In his words, "GRuB invites everyone to the table. They recognize that individuals have unique skills & gifts and work to create space for those things to be cultivated & honored. Typically, I'm quiet & introverted. GRuB has facilitated me finding my voice & leading with vulnerability, courage & grace."

We're honored that Al is rooted in our work.

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