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Growing Leaders: Teresa Knotwell

December 26, 2019
Growing Leaders: Teresa Knotwell

Meet Teresa! She joined GRuB's Board of Directors this spring and almost immediately stepped into the role of Treasurer. We're so grateful to have her leadership.

I learned about GRuB when I had my granddaughters living with me. I learned that I could apply to receive a free garden and thought it would be great for the kids as well as supply us with some fresh vegetables. So, I applied in January 2016 and was so surprised and excited when I found out we would be receiving a garden.
After my grands went home, I decided I wanted to give back in some way as I strongly believe in giving back when you receive a gift, as well as I believe strongly in volunteering. So I contacted the Volunteer Coordinator and started volunteering in the office with some data entry and any little projects I could help with. After that, I volunteered on the [Victory] Garden Projects team coordinating with another volunteer and staff to support new gardeners. I believe I did that for the last two years. I started working full time so I was only able to offer my time to this in the evenings. I also volunteered once or twice to assist a [Guest]Chef with supplying meals.
I am passionate about volunteering and wellness. I am one of the co-founders and organizers of a wellness retreat. We are planning our second one in May 2020 in Chicago as well as various other things in the Whole Food Plant-based communities to help others transition their health and wellness.
GRuB touched my heart as they opened their hearts to me and others—no matter the income, no matter where we come from, no matter what we look like, how we dress, or what we believe. I feel accepted and loved just as I am! I strongly feel GRuB provides a huge missing piece today— others, to the land, to Mother Earth, and to ourselves.

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