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November 9, 2023

GRuB’s board recently signed on to two policy letters

GRuB’s board recently signed on to two policy letters

First, we joined the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) in their open letter calling for donors such as the Gates Foundation to stop funding the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), which promotes high-input agriculture, genetically engineered seeds, and export crops. Instead, we call on them to support African-led efforts to expand agroecology and other low-input farming systems. AFSA’s mission and vision are in alignment with GRuB’s, and their foundational principles center the leadership, needs, and wisdom of Indigenous peoples.   


Second, we signed on to a letter to Washington’s representatives in congress, requesting them to support a suite of federal bills related to climate change and agriculture. This initiative was promoted by Seattle 350

We liked that the six federal bills, taken together, are holistic. They address farming, forestry and wetlands practices, and consider farms an integral part of the landscape and ecology of the region. There are incentives for farmers to adopt green energy practices, lower food waste, and reduce pollution. These bills support small and local farms economically, through diverse approaches, including debt relief for small farmers and anti-trust practices.  And, the bills include the Justice for Black Farmers Act to enact policies to end discrimination within the USDA, protect remaining Black farmers from losing their land, provide land grants, and implement systemic reforms to help family farmers across the country.  


Each of these policy initiatives calls for a redistribution of resources, taking critical steps towards equity, community-centered solutions, and local sovereignty around food and the land. We are pleased to support these efforts, and invite you to join us in learning more and acting in solidarity with small farmers near and far!  

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