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November 9, 2023

GRuB's Going Solar!

GRuB's Going Solar!

GRuB is now a participant of the Hummingbird Community Solar Project!

Olympia Community Solar, The Hands On Children’s Museum, the City of Olympia, and A&R Solar are excited to present the Hummingbird Project, a 100kW community solar array to be constructed atop the Hands on Children's Museum in Downtown Olympia. The project will feature 297 made-in-Oregon Sunpower solar panels, online production tracking so participants can see how much energy the system is generating in real time, and Thurston County Prevailing wage!

Hummingbird will bring long-term energy cost savings to the Museum, significantly reduce pollution, and provide educational opportunities for all ages and demographics!

How can you contribute to GRuB? Enrollment for the project is quick and easy! You can sign up at and indicate that you would like to donate your shares to GRuB! Hummingbird is available in 800 solar units. Each solar unit represents ⅓ of a solar panel and costs $300. Once the project is constructed, GRuB will receive an annual check for the value of their solar unit’s energy generation.

As a community-focused organization which believes in preserving a safe, healthy natural environment for current and future generations, GRuB's mission is deeply aligned with the values behind the Hummingbird Solar Project. We believe strongly in educating our community on how we can all be contributing members of our natural ecosystems. We are excited to be a part of the Hummingbird Solar Project and the movement towards more renewable, cleaner sources of energy in our region.

For questions or inquiries contact:

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