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Honor a Vet in Your Life

September 9, 2020
Honor a Vet in Your Life


An All-Vets Garden Build!

Give a gift today to honor a veteran or active service member and we’ll enter their name in a drawing for an autographed copy of Neil Young’s album Homegrown during Harvest Soirée on September 12th.  

Veterans who were honored as of September 8th include: 

Robert Abram

Jason Alves

Eric Ard

Tyler Barthule

Richard Bernsten

Tommy Buccholz

Jake Dailey

Melissa Davis

Deston Dennison

Beau Gromley

Jennah Kemp

Suzanne Klenk

Greg Lewis

Bryan Marone

Laura Marone

Elizabeth Albertson McDaniel

Mark Oravsky

Kim Pham

Steve Prestin

Shauna Richert

Jace Turner

Sam Yellowbird

Add to this list with a donation today!  

To Donate, use the “Tribute Name” box on the GRuB donation page to list their name and service branch (or the “notes” box on PayPal). Veterans honored through Sept 8 will be included in the drawing during our online Soirée. 

Or you can donate to us through PayPal! CLICK HERE to donate.

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