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New GroundED Program Coming In March!

July 8, 2019
New GroundED Program Coming In March!

Do you know youth who are floating? Help them get GroundED!

We're excited to be taking the best of what we've done in our youth programming over the past 20 years, & are launching the new GroundED program in mid-March.

GRuB and GRAVITY are partnering to offer youth ages 16-21 who are pursuing their GED through GRAVITY the opportunity to participate in a program that will provide job, leadership, and personal development training.

Participants will be paid minimum wage for their training hours; over $1,000 for the season. The spring season runs from 3/20 - 6/14.

Do you know anyone enrolled in GRAVITY? Do you know anyone who has dropped out? Do you know anyone wrestling with this decision? Please inform them about this program, and to learn more about it and to apply, click here.

We will also have an info night at GRuB on Wednesday, 2/13.

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