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November 9, 2023

Partner Highlight Chef Khurshida & ASHHO

Partner Highlight Chef Khurshida & ASHHO

Partner Highlight Chef Khurshida & ASHHO: BOGO Meals This Winter

When COVID struck the Olympia region in March of 2020, GRuB Community Member, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and frequent soup kitchen volunteer Khurshida Begum knew there would be a great increase in food insecurity and a decrease in accessibility to fresh hot meals. 

With that in mind, the Buy One Give One food project was born, a unique and imperative spin on more traditional American soup kitchens that features hot and healthy, ethnic comfort foods to appeal to hungry people of varying backgrounds. Through Buy One Give One, people can purchase a meal for themselves, which also buys a donated meal to someone in need. 

In 2020, Chef Khurshida provided over 2,000 free meals to our community, and the effort has continued into 2021. She's made meals for the Family Support Center, Tent Communities, Family Education & Support Services, and given out directly to people in downtown Olympia.

This past September, GRuB once again partnered with Chef Khurshida during our Harvest Soiree, and thanks to the many attendees who purchased meals through Chef Khurshida and ASHHO’s Buy One, Give One program, we were able to give 62 hot meals to community members.

Every week this winter, our friends at ASHHO will cater Buy-One-Give-One meals. For each meal sold, Chef Khurshida will donate a meal to residents at different organizations or locations each week. More meals purchased or donated more hungry folks can get hot, delicious, ethnic comfort food during these long cold rainy days.

The menu changes weekly, and it's always absolutely delicious and nutritious! Check here for upcoming BOGO dates and menus. 

If you’d like to donate to the cost of food & packaging, volunteer to help cook or deliver meals—please reach out to Khurshida at

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