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Soirée 2020 Thank You To Guests & Donors

October 4, 2020
Soirée 2020 Thank You To Guests & Donors

Soirée went beyond our wildest expectations. With your generous support, GRuB exceeded our goal of $65,000. We’re overwhelmed with the depth of giving and your love for GRuB’s mission—providing healthy, accessible food to our neighbors and building healthy relationships and a resilient community.  

Words sometimes aren’t enough, but we can try. Thank you for joining our first virtual fundraiser and for being involved with GRuB. Over 370 people registered this year, and we are humbled and so grateful for your response. Just knowing that you believe in and stand with our mission makes it easier to move forward in today’s world, especially as we respond to a critical food challenge. Working together in a caring community is truly inspirational. Your support gives us the strength and resources to create a meaningful impact.

This year Soirée was all about homegrown service, food, healing, and leaders. Thank you for helping make the place we call home a safer, healthier, and happier place.

If you’d like to watch or share our two short videos, here’s the overview of GRuB, plus GRuB Youth Alum and current Board Member Serena Lewis’s testimonial.  

With gratitude,

Michelle Harvey, Board President
Deb Crockett, Executive Director

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