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Spend Your Summer at GRuB!

July 8, 2019
Spend Your Summer at GRuB!

If you've gone through 9th grade and have not yet earned your GED or high school diploma, consider spending your summer at GRuB!

What is the GRuB Summer Program?

Students who participate will earn school credit and an educational award for leading farm and community work for GRuB, all while gaining leadership and life skills. This program is designed to help students grow and succeed in future employment, their community, and their life. The program runs Monday-Friday 7/8-8/27. You must be able to commit to the entire program.

In the Summer, Participating Students Will:

~ Earn up to $1,000 for the summer, depending on attendance and participation (Educational Award)

~ Earn 1.0 Credit in CTE Practice of Sustainable Agriculture (Elective) through New Market Vocational Skills Center [Note:students/families do NOT have to pay for their student to attend the summer portion]

~ Take home good fresh food from the farm every week

Summer Activities Include:

Growing on the Land - Growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers organically on a 2-acre farm, learning practical gardening/farming skills through workshops and trainings, and running the flower bouquet, and veggie CSA programs

Growing the Community - Working with community volunteers at the GRuB Farm, going on field trips to other farms/gardens that grow food for the greater community and helping them, working with families with young kids that visit the farm, and providing customer service at our market stand

Growing your Self - Developing strong leadership and facilitation skills, practicing compassionate & safe communication tools, learning how to be successful in a team, and cooking and eating great food


Late applications are still welcomed. Most people invited for an interview will have them scheduled during the week of 5/28-5/31 between 3 and 6 pm. Some interviews will likely happen during the following week as well. Thank you for applying!

To learn ALL the details and to access the application, click here!

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