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November 9, 2023

Staff Appreciations: Community Food Programs Team

Staff Appreciations: Community Food Programs Team

Our Community Food Programs Team is responsible for so many gardening resources in our community! Beau is a well-known figure in Veteran circles; a Veteran himself, he connects other Veterans with beekeeping classes, community support groups, and so much more. Megumi has helped in so many areas of GRuB's work, and currently provides gardening tips and cooking information through SNAP-Ed. Read on to learn which plants embody the unique strengths of this small-and-mighty team!

Beau and Alder

Alders are teachers in community building. They are the first trees to return to land that has been dramatically changed by fires, landslides and floods. They grow together in groves and serve the species that come after them. They join the edges of ecosystems together. The Alder roots hold the fragile soil, their relationships with fungi and bacteria replenish nitrogen, their trunks and branches support a diversity of life and their leaves create shade in the summer and feed the soil in the winter. Beau, just like an Alder, lives in service to community. We see Beau carrying the medicine of the Alder with him and sharing this as he tends to pathways of return for veterans. Over the years he has tended a thickening mat of roots to hold veterans in their transition to new forms of service as farmers, beekeepers, and entrepreneurs. While also helping non-veterans work across difference to support this transition.

Megumi and Usnea

Usnea is a partnership of algae and lichen. These two organisms together remind us of what is possible when we use the power of collaboration. Usnea is a helper of trees and provides medicine for many other creatures–boosting immune function and fighting infection as an antimicrobial. If you’ve ever stretched usnea you also know its strength and flexibility. Megumi also models strength and flexibility through her hard work and dedication to the work she does and to GRuB. She shows us that we can both be serious about our work but also to have a playful attitude through it all. Not only is Megumi incredibly sweet, flexible, and playful, but she also has integrity and heart. GRuB has felt the love from Megumi and we can only hope to give her all the love that she deserves in return.

You can learn more about the different skills plants teach us by checking out our Plant Teachings portal here.

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