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November 9, 2023

Staff Appreciations: Outreach, Administration & Facilities

Staff Appreciations: Outreach, Administration & Facilities

From overseeing the farmhouse and facilities, securing grants that support GRuB's work, cultivating relationships throughout the community, to writing our newsletters and running the operation that is GRuB, these folks are as unique and vibrant as the plants that represent their strengths. Read on to learn more!

Clare and Mint

Mint is a fragrant and powerful family of plants. The cooling and energizing taste of spearmint, the floral and sleepy smell of lavender, the citrusy and calming medicine of the lemon balm–these all come to mind when we think of mint. These many qualities of mint remind us of how we can find clarity and focus through our senses. They invite us to practice mindfulness through our connection with the more than human world. Like mint, Clare brings focus and clarity to our work quite literally by way of her writing and editing prowess. But also in more subtle ways, Clare is the mint in the ways she is able to so directly offer and ask for clarity in an activity.      Clare poses “Why” questions and doesn’t tip toe around places of tension or confusion. She encourages us to turn over the stones with a playful boldness knowing we can all benefit from just getting it all out on the table as we create together.

Deb and Nettle

Nettle assists us in building strength by providing nutrients and they teach us mindfulness because of their stinging. The sting will hold your attention and remind you to be present within your body. Much like Nettle, Deb is very mindful and reminds us to do the same. She teaches us that we as a staff need to look at the bigger picture, but also to remember to care for ourselves. Nettle and Deb also tell us to find the balance between our rational mind and our emotional mind, so we can be the wisest we can be. Deb is dedicated and compassionate about her work here at GRuB, building her inner strength up and the staff’s, she truly has become a fabulous leader and a fantastic person to work with.

Kerensa and Cottonwood

Cottonwood is an ancestor that reminds us to root deeply into the earth, our wellspring. The cottonwood reaches roots deep and draws water up from the earth to the sky. This is how it feels when Kerensa facilitates a staff activity. She guides us to connect with our wellspring and be present to others so we can all feel securely rooted in our work. We can draw on the medicine of the Cottonwood to reduce inflammation. In a similar fashion, Kerensa models how we can work with pains, strains, tensions, and hurts in ways that allow more creativity, boundaries and dignity into the process. Thank you to Kerensa for your vast knowledge and your love that you put into teaching others.

Sade and Dandelion

Dandelion are super resilient and resourceful with their ability to grow in the most unlikely places. We’ve been told because of this that the dandelion is a weed, but this weed has many beneficial and nutritious medicines right under our feet. Sade reminds us of the resilient dandelion because of their uncanny ability to solve problems. Just like a dandelion in a driveway creating pathways for its roots, Sade will notice an issue and jump right to strategizing on how to fix it. They not only know how to solve problems, but also remind us to always be safe and smart when working hard. Sade can never be plucked from the GRuB, because a little bit of their root will make sure that they just come right back  for more, and we hope they do.

Selena and Hawthorne

Hawthorne is our heart strengthener. We harvest the leaves, flowers and red berries of the hawthorne as medicine for strengthening our circulatory system. We need a strong heart to have courage. When we asked staff to describe Selena, the words “brave” and “loving” were often used. Selena models how to tend systems with love and firmness, and like the hawthorne, tends to the heart of our work. Many of these are the systems that are resourcing and backing up our work and can be easily under-appreciated. Selena is also tending the heart of GRuB as she models  pushing for new opportunities for her to share her gifts. Her love for creating opportunities for people to move into and through GRuB on their employment journey is the exciting next part of her journey, something she has truly already been doing and now gets to really be seen for.

Tara and Big Leaf Maple

The Big Leaf Maple is a reminder of willingness. It has whole communities growing on its trunk and branches, showing us we too can be open and willing to help others. They teach us it's okay to try on new things, and they may show us a new perspective, much like Tara seamlessly accomplishes all the time. Tara always seems to have a can-do attitude, ready for the next challenge and wants to see that we all succeed in our own challenges. She reminds us that we can let our helicoptering seeds go, to let loose and have fun with our work, and bring a fun playful energy to our lives. Tara continues to spread her generosity  everywhere, to the volunteers, to those who listen to her music, and to all   those here at GRuB.

You can learn more about the different skills plants teach us by checking out our Plant Teachings portal here.

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