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November 9, 2023

Staff appreciations: Youth Programs Team

Staff appreciations: Youth Programs Team

Our Youth Programs Team works directly with the young folks that come to the GRuB farm through our GroundED program. Their care and dedication to providing guidance and farm training to young people brings so much joy to the farm. Read on to learn more about these fantastic folks and the special plant that we feel represents their unique spirit.

April & Yarrow

Yarrow reminds us of the importance of boundaries. We harvest Yarrow as a medicine for when we literally have breached the boundary of skin and need to stop bleeding. We also take Yarrow for when we have an imbalance, like a fever or infection. Yarrow shows up in many stories as a source of strength. April is like the yarrow, infuses the GroundED program with the medicine of strong modeling on how to navigate the boundaries between self and other. She carefully and quietly builds relationships with students, and approaches tensions and imbalances with conversation and listening. She values holding rigorous boundaries for the group as well, through setting and holding each other to higher standards so we can work toward our goals She bridges the boundary of GRuB and Gravity to create opportunities for students to engage and grow. Thank you for joining our work this year April, we are grateful for your gifts!

Billie & Douglas Fir

Douglas fir has been around a long time. This ancestor reminds us of our resilience and adaptability. The Douglas fir has thick bark and waxy needles that allow it to thrive through periods of drought, fire, and cold. Fir tips are harvested to make nature’s gatorade, quenching our thirst and providing vitamins when we are fatigued. The Coast Salish story of the Fir inviting the mice to take shelter in it’s cones teaches us to share our strength with others. Billie embodies the Doug Fir. She is wise in her life experience, so smart and deeply rooted in the work we do with young people on the land. We see this in the ways that people look to her as a strong and adaptable leader on the farm. Often Billie has faced the challenge of being looked to by many people for help all at once and she is able to remain adaptable and find ways to inspire others to step up and lead in these moments. Thanks for a sturdy tree in the thick forest of GRuBbers this year!

GaBriel & Willow

Willow trees are both flexible and strong. They bend but do not break. Willows grow alongside rivers, beaches, and wetlands showing their ability to adapt to their environment. GaBriel is much like a willow, they are very flexible, and willing to try on new things so we can have the best results in the end. Willow trees and GaBriel reminds us to open ourselves to new perspectives and experiences and to not get stuck on our thoughts or emotions, but to still remain true to you. Even through the tough times, GaBriel made sure we held strong and adapted to the change, especially regarding farm work. Thanks to both GaBriel and willow, our muscle pain was eased and our joints were flexible throughout the beautiful growing  season.

Wade & Cedar

Cedar trees are known for their flexibility, durability, and antimicrobial qualities. Cedar trees are also very generous to those in nature, providing shade, giving deer a place to scratch his itchy antlers, or a home for the animals in need. Wade, much like a Cedar, tells us to be kind to one another, and to lend a hand to those who need it. He can be very generous like Grandma Cedar, showering us with love, appreciation, and of course dad jokes. Cedar and Wade remind us to ask ourselves important questions like how can I practice generosity in my life right now? Well one way to is to remember that generosity is not just about giving, but also about receiving. We hope to receive more of Wade’s love, kindness,   and dad jokes, and wish he gets some of that love in return.

You can learn more about the different skills plants teach us by checking out our Plant Teachings portal here.

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