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November 9, 2023

Sunflower Community Solar Project

Sunflower Community Solar Project

The GRuB team is excited to participate in the Sunflower Community Solar Project at the Olympia Farmers Market! Please support our organization by donating a solar unit! Our non-profit will receive the value from what each solar unit produces every year.

Community solar is when a group of community members join together to create a solar project and share its benefits. Units have been selling quickly with 60% of the units sold and construction of the project scheduled to begin this fall. 

Ownership of Sunflower’s Solar Units are publicly available. Each solar unit represents half a solar panel and the value of its production will be distributed between unit owners in the form of an annual payment. Sunflower’s unique model supports broader social equity by allowing donations of solar units to local non-profit organizations. Donations are tax deductible, and our non-profit will receive the annual payment for the Solar Unit's production. 

The Sunflower project will bring cost savings to the Market, reduce pollution, create educational opportunities, and help support local business! Participant’s and donor’s names will be featured on a plaque, commemorating supporters of the project.

Support the project by participating or donating online at or by mailing a check to Olympia Community Solar at 112 4th Ave E, STE 208, Olympia WA 98501.

April 5, 2024

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