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The Mayday Foundation Partners with GRuB!

August 7, 2019
The Mayday Foundation Partners with GRuB!

The Mayday Foundation provides support for families who have received a cancer diagnosis. GRuB has partnered with the Mayday Foundation to provide fresh produce to several families in Thurston County who are battling cancer. More information can be found in the links below.

Read about the partnership from The Mayday Foundation's website

Read about the partnership from Thurston Talk

Testimonies from Mayday Families who are receiving shares from GRuB -

"Thanks to GRuB, my family has access to organic fresh produce that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. The fresh cut flowers are a bonus. Both remind me to heal and cherish the beautiful things in life"

"The share boxes have been a great addition this summer. When teaching our kids healthy eating habits, we talk about eating the rainbow. GRuB has been an important part of that lately!"

"I was extremely excited about being offered the GruB share box because not only is fresh organic produce just delicious and good for my health, saving some money on just something as small as some food when I have zero income as a single mom and don't qualify for any sort of state benefits or disability, is just more than I could ask for. It's the only food I eat at all during the week and it actually lasts me the whole week. Without it, I wouldn't even be able to eat, at least not eat in a healthy and consistent way. You can tell that GRuB cares so much about their produce and the community by the abundance of tasty and nutrient dense whole foods that they put out and want to share with everyone. I am so very lucky to be able to receive this gift from The Mayday Foundation and GRuB. It is exciting to see the different vegetables and fruits each week and come up with new recipes to try. I hope that they can continue working together to help many other families get through each day"

"With the kindness of GRuB, I am able to provide fresh, organic produce for myself and family that enrich our meals while keeping us healthy. Since diagnosis, the use of fresh produce has been a major goal, and GRuB is helping us to reach that goal"

"One of the things I have loved about the GRuB farm share box is it gives me an opportunity to get creative and add more vegetables into our diet, some of which we would never have tried otherwise. For instance, I make spaghetti sauce from scratch every other week and this week I decided to use up all of the remaining vegetables from the share by dicing them up and incorporating them into my sauce (I used the chard, yellow squash, carrots, parsley and basil). It was delicious and even my picky eater ate it, without a clue he was eating extra veggies in each bite!"

"Receiving the GRuB shares has been such a blessing to have healthy options to add to our meals. Not having to think about it and using what's provided by GRuB has actually made meals so much easier, and I absolutely love the flowers they recently added. My favorites have been the raspberry, carrots, onions, and radishes. Thank you!!"

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