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November 9, 2023

Welcoming New Faces!

Welcoming New Faces!

New Staff

Alexander Grace Vickery

Alexander is a transplant from sunny California, growing roots in the Pacific Northwest. Once a field researcher in urban ecology, he has spent the last 10 years as a teacher all-sorts, now working to transform institutional trauma within education systems. He combines professional experience in program management, farm and garden coordination, and advocacy for marginalized populations with a commitment to embodied presence, radically sustaining care, and the daily work of community-building. Alexander's goal is to develop and facilitate programming grounded in interdependence, joy-filled relationship, and strength-based engagement. Additional modes of understanding he incorporates are those of Renewal Judaism, flower essences, and clown.

Nicole Plastino

Born and raised in Alaska, Nicole grew up with the rhythm of seasonal subsistence hunting, fishing, and gathering. When she relocated to Washington, this way of life translated to a passion for both local food and for food systems justice. She had an exciting trek through higher education, obtaining a Bachelor's in both Anthropology/Archaeology and Religion Studies, and a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership. As the Director of Development at GRuB, she is joining her love of playing in the dirt, helping folks nurture healthy, reciprocal relationships, and deep appreciation for the connective, healing power of food.

Clare Follmann

Clare, M.E.S, is a writer, artist, activist, bibliophile, tea-leaf reader, and urban rooftop gardener. She has enjoyed spending lots of her time playing with story--she's worked in bookstores for the past six years, and she's been a writer and storyteller all her life. She loves exploring the nuances of semiotics and rhetoric, hates jargon, and strives to both listen to and help uplift the voices and stories that have been too often cast aside. She can often be found playing at her secret swimming spots with a good book and a bunch of doodling supplies.

New Board Members

Diane Dakin

I am delighted to join the GRuB board. GRuB brings together long time interests I have had as a family physician living and working (Group Health/Kaiser) in Olympia for 36 years. Healthy food and healthy communities  go hand in hand. I have also been interested in herbal medicine even taking a course with Olympia herbalists years ago. Teaching about food, gardens, and bringing communities together is exciting. I have worked with communities in Latin America and  I have worked with a project in Indonesia called Health in Harmony which involves "radical listening" to community needs to  improve access to medical care to help protect the rainforest. I look forward to learning about the many many projects GRuB is involved in and continuing my learning process.

Susana Bailén Acevedo

Susana is a performance artist, producer, massage therapist, and a fierce mama. She is passionate about her family and believes in making the world a better place for all beings. She has been a strong advocate for breastfeeding & birthing rights, basic human rights, and the environment. Of Caribbean & Mediterranean origin, the open sea is her happy place and rambunctious gatherings with friends enliven her soul. She loves the Pacific Northwest where she has been living for the past 10 years and fell in love with GRuB who made her realize how powerful and transforming a supportive community can be.

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