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November 9, 2023

Youth Programs: Building Resilience & Leadership

Youth Programs: Building Resilience & Leadership
I get to develop my communication skills and flourish as a leader…GRuB has been a turning point in my life, and I am so glad I am lucky enough to be part of such a remarkable organization.

—Farm Coordinator Soloman Fagan

On GRuB’s 3-acre farm, youth grow food for themselves and the community, nurture connections, and cultivate their social-emotional, academic and leadership skills. Under the leadership of three youth farm coordinators and their crew, this year GRuB sold 53 summer CSA members, 25 fall shares, 21 summer bouquet shares, while donating abundant food to: Food Not Bombs, Thurston County Food Bank, East-West Food Rescue, and families with low-incomes in our network.

...GRuB has given me a place where I don’t feel judged and I still like being around a lot of people with different ideas...I’m around a lot of people with different world views and I feel accepted.

—Cedar Connell, 2020 Youth Program Participant

I love seeing how everything from the farm to the community to the people who work here all work together in making all of this happen. I like how at the end of the day I feel like I've actually done something important.

—Molly Savage, 2020 Youth Farm Assistant

I feel like I’m finally part of a community where I’m actually giving back to people.

—2019 Youth Program Participant

More than just growing food, however, GRuB youth rise to the occasion to develop leadership and connection, to strengthen their own skills, and foster their own resilience! Hear from members of our youth crew about the GRuB farm how they are learning and leading on the GRuB farm.

Watch this testimonial from one of GRuB's alum, now a GRuB Board Member.

...and this video on GRuB's Homegrown Leaders—GRuB YOUTH!

Also! Be sure to check out the Annual GRuBkin Fundraiser! This year, due to COVID restrictions, instead of pumpkin pie, the youth have worked together to make some delicious loafs of pumpkin bread with homegrown pumpkins from the farm for the annual fundraiser! Click here to learn more!

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