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Cultivating Veterans

November 10, 2019
Cultivating Veterans

Beau Gromley provides staff leadership at GRuB's Victory Farm, and he's also been impacted personally by the program. He sees it as a vibrant place to continue the sense of camaraderie that is part of the culture and experience of being in the military, while having an opportunity to build a connection to the natural world. He reflected, "It's been my therapy and my job. I think it's helped me realize the importance of community and that connection and given me insight into a world that I'd never even knew existed while in the military."


Other veterans have been profoundly touched by their relationship with the Victory Farm:

“I am a female combat veteran and Mission Continues Fellow. I didn’t identify with being a veteran, in large part because I didn’t know where my veteran experience/story fit. Council provided a space to explore my experience as a female combat veteran and find the power of my story.”

 “It’s like having family close by which keeps me healthy. The last year with Victory Farm has been the most rewarding of my life."

 "I am a combat injured veteran, and they [Victory Farm] gave me a hand up and not a hand out, when I needed it the most. Truly a lifesaver!" 

Learn more about the Victory Farm and how you can support local veterans by checking out our Give Local campaign. Donations made via Give Local will be matched so your financial support goes even further!

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