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November 9, 2023

You Are Invited: Join GRuB's Sustaining Circle!

You Are Invited: Join GRuB's Sustaining Circle!

Join our Sustaining Circle! 

Perhaps you have a core group of friends or family that you really count on. They’ll advise, celebrate, uplift, and make sure that you have what you need through all the challenges of a year like this one. In short, they are the ones who are there to sustain you, no matter what! 

It turns out that GRuB has a group like this, too! GRuB’s Sustaining Circle includes our closest supporters, the people who contribute consistently across the years to ensure that GRuB has the resources, advice, and direction to best serve our community and respond to emerging needs. 

Last March we launched the Sustaining Circle as an evolution of our former Donor Leadership Circle, which was for major donors giving at least $1000 per year. The difference is that the Sustaining Circle is open to ALL of GRuB’s dedicated supporters. 

As we grow our Sustaining Circle, we’re seeking individuals, families, businesses, and organizations who want to stay engaged with sustaining and supporting GRuB through a multi-year, personally significant gift, regardless of the form of their gift or its monetary value. Read about the commitments of three of our Sustaining Circle Members: Melissa Davis, Jane Lawson, and Steve Byers

More than just a gift, our Sustainers are invited into the community of other supporters to advise GRuB, celebrate together, and learn about emerging opportunities to support healthy food, people, and community. We hope that you will join, since we wouldn’t be GRuB without ‘u’! 

More questions? 

What is personally significant? You decide, based on how GRuB inspires you and your other obligations and resources. 

What kind of gifts? Monetary gifts give us the most flexibility, and we ask each member of the Sustaining Circle to consider pledging a monetary gift if they are able to do so. Equally, our SuperVolunteers gift us with their skills, talents, and love for the GRuB community. Other donors have left gifts to GRuB through their wills, through donations of stocks or bonds, or through in-kind gifts that replace items or services we would have purchased otherwise. 

Why multi-year? A multi-year pledge frees GRuB’s staff team to focus our time and resources on growing food, people, and community. It also helps us make more accurate financial projections to grow at a healthy rate and gives us financial resilience in changing times. 

What if my circumstances change? We understand! A pledge expresses your intention now, and we know that life changes in various ways. 

What happens next? In most years, we hold two annual dinners for members of the Sustaining Circle — to introduce you to each other, the farm, and our participant-leaders, to get your input on our upcoming happenings, and to celebrate together in community. We’ll also invite you to share your story to bring other supporters into the GRuB circle. 

In 2020, we’ve shifted to a combination of Zoom meetings and small in-person outdoor gatherings. 

Curious? We’d love you to join us for a farm walk and open house on Saturday, October 24 at 10:30 am, or feel free to reach out to Executive Director Deb Crockett, or 360-753-5522. 

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